Since you care

It touches my heart really knowing so many people that cares.

I spoke to few friends this morning briefly updating stuff and I guess it must be my hormones ke apa ke this morning, but it really soothing and terharu Hani to know that people actually cares and worried 😦

In their actual wods,

“Are you okay? You been away? is everything ok?, dah tak de cerita baru kat blog”.

They do read afterall huh 😀 .

Anyway, I been around. Just a quick re cap, since I am now maidless and all for these past few weeks, life is indeed been bit hectic I must say, not to mention my thank you to ‘you know whos’ who has been great helping.  And on top of things, bulan puasa – so it only makes me busier.

No doubt ada gak agenda-agenda sendiri yang menyibukkan diri sendiri 😀

But to my beloved gentle readers cum mostly my dearest buddies in the world, thank you for worrying 🙂 ahaks.  I will keep this blog updated as frequent as I can eh.

And as it is Friday today, busy weekend ahead is waiting, for me am sure.  I am quite tight up in office today as well, so till later it is, have a lovely weekend and a good iftar today.

See you guys soon.

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