Happy Birthday Sis !

It is my little sis birthday today and I would like to wish her the most lovely happy birthday ever 🙂 She has not been too well these few days, but I do hope she feels better today as its her birthday today. Go and get spoilt kay ! 🙂 Get indulged.

May Allah always watch over you with much of His blessings, InsyaAllah. Amen.

Not forgetting of course, to thank her for all that she is worth for me. She may be my sister in law by blood but has always been my very own little sister by  heart. I dont say this often enough to people, but hey, I love you and thank you for always been there Sis, thru thick and thin it is.  I prayed for your good health and eternal happiness with your beloved and kiddies.

So, Cik Siti Salwa, apa mau aaa for besday??  😀

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