My puasa stories

16 days today.  Half way there already. Gosh, time flies.

As for me, I surprised myself of how I am managing things without a maid for the past 3 weeks. I am not too bad really 😀 . Not to mention of how supportive and helpful everyone has been in the house with my house chores, especially my better half and my eldest son. 

On being supportive, like yesterday, all he asked is for me to fry fish and kicap cili. That should be enough he said.. and I did just that. 😀 ahaks. (Pantang dapat peluang). So, cooking has been on the lighter side of an issue during this Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah..

As for the children, Sarah has always been the worrying one. Such a poor eater she is, all she had for buka puasa was her donut (like on daily basis) and bit of rice. This morning sahur, both she and her bro had nuggets. Their dad was complaining of how in-balance their diet is during this puasa month.

And of course, how much we all at home missed our eldest, Miza during this Ramadhan. This is her second Ramadhan away from home 😦 . God always has plans and I hope she is in well and in her best spirit to do Iftar and Sahur in her boarding school.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but one wise friend mentioned to me yesterday that we are now entering our second phase of Ramadhan which is Fasa Keampunan, now that we have passed the first 10 days which was Fasa Kerahmatan. Anyway, whatever phase that we are now may be, I am so syukur that everything is sailing smoothly for me and family during this Ramadhan.  My prayer is that,  yours would be too, InsyaAllah… 🙂

Have a good Iftar today guys…

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