Ajin Piji :D

I snapped this smiley face right after his dad is back from Sun City, Sunday last. He was overwhelmed with happiness. All around his face. Misses dad huh? Obvious sangat dia happy that day.

Thing is, this boy is now bibikless. He seemed rilex jer. Last night his bibik texted me and asking me about him. So I rang her quickly and was trying to put Razin to talk to her. To my surprise, he declined.

I was like hmmmmmm. I can hear his bibik was calling out for him on the other end but to no avail since he refused to talk to her and I ended up talking to her instead. She misses him too…

Well, as a mother, I like prayed hard that Razin is not silently affected by the whole episode of bibik has gone home-thing. He plays and eats as usual. And thank God, soundly asleep also on most of his nights since.

I hope my Ajin Piji heals his heart in his own way…



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