Peace At Last

These two guys here adores each other yet fight with each other like 25 hours in a day !

The only one time, that they declare peace is when both of them are soundly asleep. Amazingly beautiful sight to my eye. Just magnificent that melts any  mom’s heart and that includes me.

Have a look.

Jangan sesekali kamu alpa
Siapa kekanda dan adinda
Tapi dalam kemesraan yang sama
Kerana bila ibu dan ayah sudah tiada
kamu hanya mempunyai saudara

Dear children of my life
Not a moment for you to sacrife
Your love for your bros and siss
In your heavenly happiness
Because when both me and dad are not longer around
All you have is only each other !

Ibu @ Sept 8, 2008

2 Replies to “Peace At Last”

  1. Oh my God, the second pix is so cute!!!

    Now, the poem 😉

    I can assure you that you are a good writer, well compare to me at least when it comes to Malay language 😀

    Short yet well delivered, not to forget sweet piece. Love it! xD


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