Our Eusoff Ammar is ONE today

This hug-ly and handsome young boy is ONE year old today !

Feels like only yesterday he arrived into this world as I wrote about him when he was born in HERE .

And here he is today
Being one and bubbly
Not to mention loveable
and oh yes, most adorable

Today that its your birthday
Ibu prays that Allah The Almighty
Will bless you through
with much love and guidance
From mommy, daddy and kak long Damia
To be a good khalifah and insan

And of course the same prayers and love
From Ibu and batalion
Right here in 2/23

ibu @ 7 Sept08

😀 Euuusoffffff, I looooooveeee you (He super loves it and would immediately recognizes me when I said that and will put up his wonderful smile for me and made my day).

And oh, this tiny ‘girlfriend’ lying next to Eusoff when this photo was taken about half a year ago is actually his cousin from my Abang Chik and Alia who was born a day before Eusoff. Her name is Arifah. My lil sis Awa a.k.a Eusoff’s mommy calls them twin from different moms and dads. Ahaks.

Sigh.. Its been quite awhile since I last saw her but I know she is a good care of Abie and Umie.  I am sure that you must have blossomed into a beautiful young lady now that you are also one year old yesterday on the 6 September 2008.

2 Replies to “Our Eusoff Ammar is ONE today”

  1. “To be a good khalifah and insan”, that is so sweet.

    I know I am in no position to complain about your English, since mine is not any better. But, Ms. Haani, you could use some improvements on grammar 😉

    No offence, just a friendly advice 😀

    Still an sweet piece thou xD


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