Tak Bisa Memiliki

I was awfully late this morning to work and was driving like an F1 driver. Sigh. I hate it when I am rushing, its like Im not being myself,  even fact is that I am always in the rush. Loads in mind. Loads to do.

And playing on air this morning calming me in the car was this song here, Tak Bisa Memiliki by Samson.  It was my first time hearing it, must be their new…. so I thought and music has always be my next best therapy after my shopping to ease things bit.

And I felt like sharing then.  So, listen up and enjoy guys. Beautiful piece. 

With this lovely song, I shall leave you for the weekend and of course may our puasa will be the barakah ones eh.

Take care and love you.

Apakah yang engkau cari
Tak kau temukan di hatiku
Apakah yang engkau inginkan
Tak dapat lagi ku penuhi
Begitulah aku
Pahamilah aku

Mungkin aku tidaklah sempurna
Tetapi hatiku memilikimu sepanjang umurku
Mungkin aku tak bisa memiliki
Dirimu seumur hidupku

Dirimu seumur hidupku 3x

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