Happy Birthday Dee !

Its really strange when I looked back to my past of how fast this wonderful lady here becomes my good friend and soon family.

She resides in Johore and I made my acquitance with her few years back through workplace. She is with our HQ in JB and was one of the most helpful officemate in my JB office. She has always been there, helping.

Very jovial and warm hearted person. My juniors crazy for her and I love you babe…

To Dee, Happy Birthday Darling !! Lets not mention age here as there is never youth in age 😀 May Allah SWT showers you with so much love and happiness, and blessed with good health.

Hope to see you soon in KL.

5 Replies to “Happy Birthday Dee !”

  1. kak soory 2 ask this silly question…hehhe u wrote kak dee is ur best fren n soon to become ur fmly???she’s getting married ker with ur relatives???bgtau kak dee hepi birthday n if nk kawin jgn luper jemput iza ni eh..hehe


  2. 😀 amen to your doa kahwin
    but not that i know off la
    what i meant is simply
    she is like my family already maaa
    she kan selalu melepaks at my place
    aiyooo dik
    dah masuk utan
    awat hang jadi cam ni…:)


  3. sorry 4 the slow pick up lah..heheh still having bad flu n just came back frm a long break..so sever agak slow sket 2 digest n to read n understd between the lines..hehhe 4give eh…


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