Salam Eid 2008

By His Grace and His Will, Alhamdulillah Syukur to Allah ,The Most Merciful for Eidul Fitri 2008.

It has been a victory for all of us for a blissful and blessful Ramadhan 2008. Must admit  though, this year’s Ramadhan is the saddest for me to leave 😦

To my little princess, Sarah Kamilia,  congratulations for doing it again, at 7 years of age, full Ramadhan it is for you this year, Alhamdulillah. We are so proud of you darling – errr even it did cost me RM 30..

Dengan kedatangan Syawal kali ini, Hani dengan penuh rendah diri menyusun semua jari yang ada memohan kemaafan dan keampunan dari my better half utmostly 😦 , my dearest sisters and brothers and all of my family members both in Kelantan and Singapore or wherever you guys may be celebrating raya this year. 

To my loveliest buddies who turns family – Selamat Hari Raya guys, ampun kan gua babes.  Nanti korang sumer dah ada KL, kita gather la ok, at Rynn’s I heard? 😀

To para sahabat handai, muslim dan muslimat and of course, my beloved readers as well – Salam Eid yang tulus dari Hani, Maaf Zahir & Batin.  Sesungguhnya yang baik itu semuanya dari Allah SWT dan yang buruk itu adalah dari diri Hani sendiri.

Sometimes I may have said the right thing with a wrong meaning and I may have done noble stuff but with a bad intention.  I am just a human afterall. With Eid’s spirit, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Mudahan apa yang termakan dan terminum di halalkan juga.  Dunia dan akhirat. Amen.

Dan May we InsyaAllah meet again in Syawal 2009.

I am here in KL this raya. For my beloved relatives and friends, it would be lovely to berhari raya with you guys. Do singgah di rumah Hani. Please call first tho so that the least I can prepare some mee goreng perhaps eh 😀

I hope everybody is safely home at their kampung and will have a good raya with their loved ones. Please eat well and take care of your health eh. Lemang pun lemang gak kay.

And, I hope to be able to post something again soon after this one.

I know I would be exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtttreeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmeeeeeely busy. Ambik ko 🙂


Hari Raya for my kids

Kids will always be kids afterall.

The last few days of Ramadhan would usually means bunga api-lah. Share some photos with me.  Our thank you to the ‘sponsor’ of our bunga api this year 😀 .  I realized this year is a bit hard to get them anyway.

My Langsir Raya

As promised, my tiny langsir raya project is officially materialised 😀 .

This is what happened and the results follow suit.  Penat wei..

The two ladies of the house. Ahaks.

Taa Daaa  !!!!!  Its her effort really. Thanks baby.

And the resultsss….. 😀  Sure confirm raya punya lah hari Rabu nih 🙂

My credit also to my princess Sarah for helping out.  She is thrilled.

Oh and this is my Mandur of the day. Why the sad face darling?

Have some humanity

Least that I want to offend anybody right now while posting this, but I got a feeling I might anyway, so what a heck.   And I want to do this in brief.

Many of us do, by using fear, authority, money or knowledge direct and dictate against one will or better judgement. This abuse is honestly an affront to human dignity.

As I am writing this short and consice as possible, so that not much thinking is involved in some brains – As conscience is our guide, please decide.

And God, I had and my syukur Alhamdulillah for that decision, that I actually took quite some time back.  As at this very very moment, I am so fu***** relief. Out of chest, out of mind.

Fuh…. 😀

And as I am anxiously looking forward for  a happier tomorrow, my langsir is arriving tomorrow all the way from Nilai 3. Yaay…. cant wait.

And also, my baby Miza is coming home from her school tomorrow for her raya break with us. Err Dad, shall we eat out tomorrow… ahaks. 😀

While, feeling sad 😦 that some beloved friends of mine travelling back to kampung already tomorrow. Safe journey home eh.  Until we meet again it is…

As I recalled Life

I was remembering raya and childhood today.  Cant really recall much tho, but it did bring a huge grin with tiny sayu feeling inside my heart.  God, I have came very far from childhood as I am writing this. Very very far and surviving life.  All of us do anyway.

As I was checking myself in the mirror today making sure that my collar is straight and my colour matches, I was almost seeing my childhood days through it as the image in the mirror detaches.  In my amazement, I saw myself in my childhood days in my usual style, doing things that I normallly do, saying the things that I usually say and feeling what I usually feel. And I am still doing it till now – just being myself.  In a  different perspective may be, but what I do, say and feel today is indeed very much still the same from my chilhood days and has shaped whoever I am.

We all make mistakes as part of our learning, Not sparing me also.  And I know I will make a lot more in the future and I will always learn something from it, I am sure. Till probably the time when I am due to go.

What important in my life is to be happy and make those around me happy as well. To be loved and love those with me.  Love in my opinion, is a verb and not merely just a feeling. Love to me is something that we act, not just something that we feel and I sincerely do hope that my better half, my kids, my family, my beloved buddies feel all the love around me and you.

Now that is heavy huh.  But what important for me today is that I want to inspire my courage, my confidence and my feedom to live my best life !. Even I must say, childhood days are still the greatest !!

Okay, now why did I write all those above again ?? hmmm, feel like it, may be.

Well anyway, take care people. Have a good iftar

My Langsir Raya Project

Hani says this, Once a woman, forever we will be 😀

How come? coolest example for the day – yours truly 😀 !. My better half been sort of asking me do I want to decor our home for raya this year and I was like naaahhhhh…  I got sejuta of other things in mind to deal with for Ramadhan, and now I need to think about my raya preparation?  You got to be kidding me or what…

But then, I am still normal woman afterall huh.  Change of heart, change of mind so suddenly. Like yesterday morning-morning, me and few more of my species (ahaks) landed at Nilai 3 for our Langsir Raya Project 🙂

Eventually, I was late yesterday and was in a hurry and left my phone at home. I tot of snapping some gambar and share with you guys how crazy these women can be come raya and our raya preparation afterall huh. Told ya – once a woman, forever will be laaaa…

Towards noon, god that many people there already shopping for their langsir raya ! I tell you. To be quite honest, I am not very much into Nilai 3- and stuff and hardly go there. In fact, this is my ever first raya to find my  langsir there. Heard about the craziness over that side tho, so this year, I actually witnessed it with my own eyes.

As for mine supposedly just a minor project raya, I never intended to do the langsir for the whole house pun. Tidak tersenarai di dalam budget raya tahun ini… hehehe.

To my dearest buddies who are now smiling while reading this and wondering, hear this – I only change the Day Curtains.  Like I said, just a minor project.  A very nice olive green this year for my day curtains … And hmmmm 😀 terjebak sedikit menukar langsir for my wonderful princesses room as well –  a lovely stripe soothing pink this year darlings.

To my better half, 😀 – you are the best eh. Now I feel like ‘raya’ing… Do you?

Have a good monday guys.

Since you care

It touches my heart really knowing so many people that cares.

I spoke to few friends this morning briefly updating stuff and I guess it must be my hormones ke apa ke this morning, but it really soothing and terharu Hani to know that people actually cares and worried 😦

In their actual wods,

“Are you okay? You been away? is everything ok?, dah tak de cerita baru kat blog”.

They do read afterall huh 😀 .

Anyway, I been around. Just a quick re cap, since I am now maidless and all for these past few weeks, life is indeed been bit hectic I must say, not to mention my thank you to ‘you know whos’ who has been great helping.  And on top of things, bulan puasa – so it only makes me busier.

No doubt ada gak agenda-agenda sendiri yang menyibukkan diri sendiri 😀

But to my beloved gentle readers cum mostly my dearest buddies in the world, thank you for worrying 🙂 ahaks.  I will keep this blog updated as frequent as I can eh.

And as it is Friday today, busy weekend ahead is waiting, for me am sure.  I am quite tight up in office today as well, so till later it is, have a lovely weekend and a good iftar today.

See you guys soon.