The Merdeka Malaysia

51 years today.  Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia !!

It is a big number and it has been that long that we, Malaysians freed ourselves from all those mat mat salleh who ruled us.

But, merdekakah minda kita?  When all we think is why this and why that instead of lets do this and lets do that.  I shall think what is very important for us as human is to be a good insan with a good heart. Perhaps it is about time all of us to begin with ourselves instead of you, you, you and you.  My 2 cent worth 😀

Have a good holiday people.

2 Replies to “The Merdeka Malaysia”

  1. you can report direct to the
    don’t make noise unnecessarily
    some monkeys and elephants are just politicized your words,
    they become minister later,
    they corrupt your father’s money.

    so speak direct to the face of the administrator.

    government is you.

    administrators ARE there to listen to you.

    who ever don’t listen,
    you can give them ticket to the court.

    life is easy.

    don’t deny your rights
    or complaint for nothing
    jeopardizing 27 million people.

    btw..what is your proposal?

    Merdeka cheers !


  2. Salam to whoever that you are 🙂
    Obviously you sounded very angry
    and hope you are not one the monkeys and and elephants eh
    I do not have any proposal to anybody (just yet)
    but if you are NOT doing speed reading of my post above
    For starters, I want to begin with myself
    Hope I did not offend anybody
    Cheers back !


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