Our Zoo Trip @ 22 Aug 2008

This is my zoo trip after five years.

Kids, especially the two princesses, Sarah and Syaza been bragging about it. It was school holidays last week, so I decided to take a day off from work and visit the animals in the zoo 😀 with the juniors.

Nini was in town with us. Make it super perfect to go since my better half was away in Sarawak that weekend. Their Mak Su, Pak Su, Damia and Eusoff joined us like soon after. Indeed rombongan Cik Kiah to the Zoo la nih.. ahaks.

We started our day early early in the morning. I told the kids, lets not get burnt in the midday sun.  We had our ‘famous nasi lemak Melawati’ breakfast with a good friend of mine.

Then, the zoo tour begins. Hella fun we had. As usual, let the photos below tell you the story…

After like almost 3 hours trekking in the ‘smelly’ zoo 😀 , this is my manja son, wanting to go back..

 Bu…. jom aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

Okay guys. Lets not visit Zoo Negara till probably in another five years eh.

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