Nisfu Syaaban 2008 @ Saturday, 16 Aug 2008


I been away for my needed short break-away down under menziarah and meeting up with my unties, uncles and cuzons in Singapore and sat my foot back in KL late yesterday evening. Short trip but eventful and fun. I have always enjoyed my trips to Spore. My families down there are superbly amazing and thank you like so much for the amazingly loveable hospitality (as always 😀 )

I will definitely post some gambar of the baby boy Mohd Shah Niran that I snapped while I was there, and I will post it like real soon.

As for today right here in the office, I am like so kelam kabut with work. Two days away from office is like two years!! God, now i feel important 😀 hahha.

On a more serious note, just a reminder for myself utmosly and my gentle readers as well that Saturday, 16 August will be the most awaited night of Nisfu Syaaban. Lets us pray that may Allah SWT grants us all His blessings and love. Life is indeed beautiful, why not make it sweeter.

Life has been fairly good for me and let us all open another blissful chapter in life right soon after Mahgrib tomorrow night.

Lets share THIS , – some useful info and compressed knowledge on this important night.

Let us all cite a prayer for a better life and future right after Maghrib tomorrow. Amen. (Even fact is that, each day of everyday should supposedly be another better day).

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