My dear gentle readers,

I have a confession to make.

I have shared with you guys much much earlier on that I’d been wishing to try my hands-on at writing a short novel. Perhaps a love novel, I dont know. Thing is, I have always into this really, writing thing. Some find peace looking at the faces who they love, some may find peace in nature. And I find my peace at writing and scribbling.

The news is, I have started putting few things together for my least-important project-my novel-book-writing thing. 🙂 I know I been mumbling about it, planning and thinking and even drafting inside my mind for quite awhile, if not ages. 

Well anyway, I have actually officially started. Quite some weeks back. Nothing much just yet. Some scribble. Some drafts. 

Thats the little thing that I kept and confessed today.

Thing is, I am the shy-shy one here. hehe. So, right at this very moment, since its still at the very ‘analog’ and beginning part of it, so I am only inviting few people to read and have the first look of it.  Those around me who have endlessly showed me their enormous support and ideas while I am putting these pieces together. I need their comments and reviews. Thanks guys. I love you guys really. Like tremendously. Huge.

However, if you think you want to part of this project with me, google http://dancintaterbanglagi.blogspot and leave me a request. I will add you in.

Thats it. For today.

7 Replies to “…dancintaterbanglagi”

  1. I speed reading ur title…guess what…I misread as cinta bangla….hehehe…but why not you try to do it in printed version…you can make money…or try produce an e book…extra income for you…who knows you might be a next Barbara Cartland…you never know ur talent until u try…


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