My Family Tree – Xtra

This has been pending.

With this huuuuuuuuuugggggggggeeeee joy in my heart, I am so happy and proud to share with you guys about an additional members who recently joined our family tree  🙂 –  one from my side and one from my better half’s.

Since, Adif Zayyan arrived earlier, so let me introduce him first. He is the third boy for the happy mother, no other then my anak sedara, Ira and hubby, Ezaruddin. He arrived on Monday, 28 July at about 4.30 pm.  I heard it was quite a tough delivery for the mum. Well, told ya sayang, if you got five kids, all of them will come in all different kind of patterns and ways, from the very first A to the last Z.  But that is the fun of it, more memories to keep and to count – let it be fun or less fun, happy or less happy. But those painful experiences will pass us by in time and syukur resides not far from there.

The other boy that was born the next day on Tuesday, 29th July 2008 is the second baby for my Along Tina and beloved hubby, Saf in Singapore. Along Tina is my better half’s cousin.  She is the eldest daughter for my beloved Mak Itam a.k.a almost my mum 🙂

They are blessed with a ‘Kak Long Fifah’  before this beautiful Md Shah Niran arrived. To share this joy of ours, you may drop in at his mummy’s blog HERE .

So to both mummies and daddies, my heartiest congratulation. You did it again guys 😀 Lets look forward for more kay. For you guys la I mean… ahaks.

With this note, take care guys.

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