My Fridge

This gambar is actually quite ancient. Perhaps like over two months. Snapped by my photographer-in-the-making, no other then my anak sedara, Nini.

And yup this is how normally my fridge usually looks like on the normal days 😀  I just simply love this gambar and been wanting to post something about it.

The jambu yummy yummy merah tuh is my favorite. Sarah’s too.  Its like most of the time, if ever I spotted the jambu anywhere at all, its a MUST thing to buy.

Believe or not, the choc in the green steel box is still in fridge until today. Still unopened.  Usually, on common days, my sis, Awa would love to come and help us to finish it 😀 Thing is me and kids not very much an addict to choc. Strange but true. Ahaks. But my better half, keeps on buying it. Usually from his outstation trips la of course.

Then the santan, thats my bibik’s favourite item. She must at least see I stored like 4 boxes inside the fridge, or else, she be like…”kak, santan habis” – even still got like 2 kotak inside there. The non-existing of santan in my fridge is her biggest fear and my crime.

Oh and the olive in that huge bottle. Can you see it? It has been there for almost half a year. And now that I am writing this, I am also telling myself to go home today and throw that away!!.

Now that is Encik Razif’s punya. He is an olive-lover. His problem is only this. He is hardly home to enjoy it. So, that explains why the half year-lah, since we no-eat-one this olive-olive sumer nih. I mean okay lah to eat if I spotted in a pizza or something, but to actually eat it raw from that bottle – nope, not just yet. 😀

Oh yeah, and the stacks of cili padi?  Its another MUST in my fridge. We all sumer hantu cili, i tell you.. hehe.

Okay itu jer for today guys. Chow.

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