Updates from Hani

Hey guys.

Been away. Been busy. But around. Very much alive 😀

When I got back awhile ago, I saw my son was on the PC, I was like eh dah repair? (our ancient pc has lost its mouse for quite awhile), and I was like yaaaayyy….

Been ages rasanya tak dapat update my baby here from home. Perhaps its about time somebody get me a laptop, 😀 ?

I got few notes to share.

Today is my anak sedara’s Azna birthday. She probably forever 18 today la tuh.. Hehe. I jumped from bed this morning remembering it and quickly sent her an sms. She has always been there. So, Happy Birthday to her. May Allah showers you will all the love and happiness in the world.

Then, I just want to share here this one happy news. I posted this one unimportant note on how I have lost such a dear friend over circumstances like yeaarrrrrrrrs ago as HERE .

I am just happy that he is back. Yaayy.. my chaffeur is back… 😀 yup, true it has been ages huh. Lots to catch up afterall then. But I am glad that he is been away and healthy and most importantly, happy.

And also just a little note to share that my bibik is going home soon and I am as stress and nervous thinking about it. Like honest, my better half been bugging me on what is my next course of action, but I just told him, err… can you like come back and ask me again in two weeks. Sigh 😦

With all those updates. I got to go. Got to mandi maa…

Have a lovely weekend people. Muahs

2 Replies to “Updates from Hani”

  1. kasian yek kat u when your bibik going home…life must go on ..u must get new bibik.. kalau tidak life will not be easy .i know u can do a thousand thing in one time .please get your new bibik .


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