The Merdeka Malaysia

51 years today.  Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia !!

It is a big number and it has been that long that we, Malaysians freed ourselves from all those mat mat salleh who ruled us.

But, merdekakah minda kita?  When all we think is why this and why that instead of lets do this and lets do that.  I shall think what is very important for us as human is to be a good insan with a good heart. Perhaps it is about time all of us to begin with ourselves instead of you, you, you and you.  My 2 cent worth 😀

Have a good holiday people.

Bibik has left us

Okay where do I begin with this.

Perhaps I begin this with  my son, Razin.  My bibik a.k.a Laila or ‘Mak Razin’ has left us for her home. For good it is. She has been with us for three solid years and has become our family.  At times, I am more bibik then her.

Actually she balik for good from last Sunday. Been trying to find strength to write about it coz usually I had this tiny tears in my eyes everytime I tried to talk about it.  Like always, I tried to remain cool and not to talk about it, till this morning it is.

Like honest, I am coping okay-lah with house chores. Nothing new afterall.  But the separation between my youngest boy, Razin and his bibik torn my heart to pieces.  At such tender age, I am sure he missed her like tremendously but simply does not how to put it to words. At times, perhaps it is just in my eyes – he does look a bit lost without his bibik. He has been with his bibik from the early days of his life.

Ever since she left, my two younger ones are under their Mak Su’s care.  Thing is, Razin is okay for the past few days but this morning, he cried when I wanted to leave him at Mak Su’s. Even I know, he would definitely cried for the first 5 minutes only, but it breaks my heart to see him like that 😦

I tried to remain calm (as always), do not want to worry anybody, but as I am writing this, I had tears again in my eyes and heart and wish all these happened in a different time and manner.

I am aware life resumes, but I m still sad.  Hence, I thanked my sis and hubby especially for doing this for me, my boss and colleagues and of course, my dearest friends who have always been there, with a helping hand and encouraging words and support.

Perhaps I will talk about this again, when I am not feeling this sad.. 😦

To Laila (even I know she will never read this – Hanya Allah SWT yang mampu membalas segala jasa sepanjang bersama-sama, tru happiness and tears especially caring for my  Razin Hafizi like your very own. I miss you and what more the kids..)

Our Zoo Trip @ 22 Aug 2008

This is my zoo trip after five years.

Kids, especially the two princesses, Sarah and Syaza been bragging about it. It was school holidays last week, so I decided to take a day off from work and visit the animals in the zoo 😀 with the juniors.

Nini was in town with us. Make it super perfect to go since my better half was away in Sarawak that weekend. Their Mak Su, Pak Su, Damia and Eusoff joined us like soon after. Indeed rombongan Cik Kiah to the Zoo la nih.. ahaks.

We started our day early early in the morning. I told the kids, lets not get burnt in the midday sun.  We had our ‘famous nasi lemak Melawati’ breakfast with a good friend of mine.

Then, the zoo tour begins. Hella fun we had. As usual, let the photos below tell you the story…

After like almost 3 hours trekking in the ‘smelly’ zoo 😀 , this is my manja son, wanting to go back..

 Bu…. jom aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

Okay guys. Lets not visit Zoo Negara till probably in another five years eh.

Ibu, Look!

Ibu, look !
So much love that I have and I want to show you
Mountains of hope I built and I want to share with you
My endless happiness that I feel and I long to give to you
All my hopes and prayers for you that I ask Allah to shower you..

Mohd Shah Niran and Me

As promised, if anyone at all 😀 interested to see this beautiful young boy belongs to my Along Tina and beloved hubby, saf – Mohd Shah Niran. These all taken during my recent trip down south.

This is his cute Kak Long Fifah 😀 . Like super cute this girl, I tell you…

Shah Niran and yours truly 😀


20082008 and a baby

😀 nice numbers kan.  Boleh tikam nombor ekor nih. Hehehe.

An opportunity of lifetime for us all  to come accross this one amazing numbers today and I am like so thrilled about it.

20082008   beautiful numbers really

And just for sharing purposes, and she will like kill me or cekek me or whatever she can-lah for posting this, but have a look at this one young beautiful girl. Rasa rasa kenal tak… 😀

Some says she looks just like me when I was younger (????) erks.  The eye part, they say especially.


Ask me – she is the most beautiful young girl to my eyes and I love her greatly.

Love All Around Me

Hey guys.

I cant really ask for more in life.  I am blessed with a family that I love more then my life, friends who would stand by me tru thick and thin. And bonus to it, I am surrounded by great and aspiring team mates and an amazingly lovely boss.  Even a mountain of workloads cannot take them away from me 😀

Belated and a surprise indeed it was.  Results – we had huge fun, tons of food and laugh.

Like from the most bottom of my heart, I thank Allah for all these.  Thank you guys.  Im not really into blowing candles and all, but hey… thank you 🙂 .

They say, photos speak a thousand words. Let them do just that eh.