Syaza Irdina is five today

The date was 31 July 2003. The time was 7.40 pm. It was the longest trip from home to the hospital, I remembered as she was anxiously wanting to come out. She was the easiest delivery that I had, I must say.

And today, 31 July 2008, we celebrated with much syukur and joy for her now that she is turning five years old. She grows up so fast, as if it was only yesterday, we received her.

To Syaza, who insisted to celebrate her birthday today at her school, Little Caliph, now that she is into tadika and all, Ibu, ayah, your bros, kak long, Sarah wish you Happy Birthday. We love you so greatly and hope you had a good time in school today.Ā 

To ‘you know who’ , thank you for the lovely cake eh. Syaza loves it šŸ™‚

Like I whispered to you this morning,

Jadilah anak yang solehah
Jadilah anak yang mendengar kata
Mudahan kamu menjadi anak yang bijak
Anak yang paling indah any parents could have
Ibu sayanggggggg Syaza šŸ™‚

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