Title : Little Girl

Felt sharing this.

You heard of this “kemana tumpahnya kuah, if not ke nasi” rite?

Well now, my kuah has tumpah to my nasi indeed 🙂 hehe.

I have posted long time ago, in one of my ancient posts about my eldest, Miza being artistic and designing cards on her own and stuff.

As addition to it, she is also very good at languages. That I noticed is definitely from me-lah. So anyway, she quite recently won the first prize for Pertandingan Mengarang Sajak at her school for age 15 and below.  Here is the winning poem for us all to enjoy. Beautiful piece. I am so proud of her and wish her all the best to be better at it and I know she will.

Thats my girl huh.  I thank Allah Al-Mighty everyday for her.

In her words as per an email she sent me over the weekend.

My Winning Poem
Dear Ibu,
Title:Little Girl

once upon a time
there was a little girl
who likes to collect dimes
and do ballerina twirls
they say she’s so cute
they say she’s so divine
she plays her blue flute
and like to swing on vines

she always obey her parents
they say they love her so
she always play with friends
who likes to shape play dough

And I know you kept wondering
who is this daring little girl
she is my little sibling
who will rock your boring world

bye ibu love you
Love,Miza Syakirah

Told ya, beautiful piece… I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.

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