Another Year

You would kill me for scribble this
As you almost super hate birthdays
You’d say, It will remind you in some ways
Of how old has you been doing this

As I love remembering it
What more to celebrate
As your birthday, it will collaborate
Of how long we been blessed todate

As we all blew your candles today
Lets just abondon all worry away
Instead let us in a family pray
For your ultimate happiness getaway

As it is another birthday of aptitute
May Allah give you the strength and fortitude
To shoulder your bargains and our attitude
As for us is your greatest treasure 😀

My love for you is endless
Through your laughs and sickness
With our hopes that has no border
I am in love, thereon I whisper
To this one great man, I most adore
Its your birthday today, lets go hi wire !

🙂 With no further due, guess you know who’s birthday it is eh.

Go ahead and have a wonderful day darling.

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