Saya beli Ler Ler

Been away and back now.

Obviously I missed my one year blogging on 20 July.  They’d say, better late then never. So, happy birthday Somethin’ Light. One year it has been and counting.

I got this one funny story to share. I was with my kids waiting for school van for school this morning. Half awake at 6.30 am, from a corner, I watched Sarah, Syaza and Razin playing this, ‘papa, mama and anak thing’. Obviously, Sarah is the mama, Razin is the Papa and Syaza is the anak-lah.

So, here it is in their own words.

Sarah    :   Papa (Razin), nah ambik duit nih. Simpan elok-elok tau. Nanti beli makanan untuk anak (syaza). Saya nak pergi kerja (haha).

Syaza   :   Nanti Papa beli makanan okay.

Sarah    :   Papa nak beli apa hari nih.

Razin   :    Ler ler… (muka selamba)

God I laughed my heart out. Loudly. Cannot tahan really. 

Razin is the orignal one. He is only 3 years. Even he is ‘Papa’ in that ‘main-main game’,  gave him fake money and asked what he wanted to buy? – of courselah gula-gula! 😀 hahahahahahahaha. But Im pretty sure, Mama Sarah was expecting Papa Razin to say something like probably, nasi goreng or something.  kihkihkih. Wrong life partner la sayang.

(Ler ler is btw gula-gula) ;p

Sarah got fed up, grabbed the money from Razin’s hand and left for school. Poor girl.  hehehe

3 Replies to “Saya beli Ler Ler”

  1. make sure u keep on updating ur blog untill razin able to browse tru the net n reti dah membaca..hehhe..sure nice to think back how cute he was when he was a small boy…


  2. Well Sarah is becoming my blog’s co owner
    everytime snap gambar
    she would insist i put it up in my blog
    so im sure till razin time comes
    Depa dah guling kuasa I pun…


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