Epal Cincau Satu !

I am going to leave you with this 3 interesting personal stories for the weekend.

Rejab and Syaaban usually are the two common months for us female to fast. You know who you are and what I mean.

And I am no exceptional. So, this is what happened during our buka puasa yesterday. Hamba Allah ini, saya namakan dia  X, orderlah air minuman.

“Epal Hijau please”.  And guess what arrived, “Epal Cincau”. 😀 hehe. Shian.. (Tak pernah seumur hidup Hani minum air epal cincau, have you?  😀 ).

Then, done with buka puasa, we decided to ronda ronda and makan durian. Ahaks. (Im still smiling while writing this, hehe).

Again you know who you are, and there we were by the road side, with our office attire and all, as for me, with my boot and all, bersila by the road side eating durian like nobody business.  Durian was nice and we were like so kenyang and feel like nak termun***.

Then awhile ago, my GM Strategic Marketing was sharing this joke with me in the pantry that I feel like sharing. The joke goes like this,

There is this mom. Pregnant with twin. She was so happy with the news after like so many years trying. While the twin were in her stomach, the mom would usually tell the unborn twin to be polite with each other since both of you are twin, lot of sharing to come, she said.

7 months passed.
8 months passed. Come 9 months, also passed.
10 months passed. Hmmm.. she began to worry obviously. Why the babies are still not out, she asked.

Then both she and the gynae decided to cut open the stomach and see what is going on inside.

😀 hehe. The twins were actually being polite with one another and were undecided who should come out first from their mommy’s tummy. They were like, “after you, after you” in there.

Dont get it? Well, the mom always tell the twins to be polite and nice-kan. So in gesture to be polite, since they are twin afterall, both of them been trying to be polite and said to each other, after you,after you please… to come out from the mommy’s stomach !

Hmmmm okay, you are not laughing eh…. but I did.  Have a lovely weekend people and happy resting ya.

2 Replies to “Epal Cincau Satu !”

  1. I got the joke! I was smiling at the end. 🙂 Good thing they were being polite. Imagine if they were both being brats? “I want to come out first!” “No, me!” 😀 I’m laughing. The mom’s stomach would have been a fighting ring. we see bumps on her tummy skin. a foot coming up there, an elbow there, etc. haha.


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