When Im Blue

Today I feel like writing about this friend of mine who I love so dearly. She is Zana to many and Sis Zana to me.

We have known each other from 1988 to be exact. 20 years of friendship it is this year. She is a friend that turns family.

Me and her have come a long way back then. We shared many many memories together. Some are indeed very grand. I love all of them and refused to forget none. Nothing is trivial when it comes to friendship afterall huh.

We used to hang out and lepak lepak over coffee before but now that her workplace has moved to Nilai, it is a bit haru-biru to meet. Hence, this morning she ‘invisibly’ appeared over my YM chatting. I miss you sis, greatly. We are lepaking tomorrow, if you want to join us? Wat say you.

What I wanted to story here is this actually. She is one of my many fan for my poem. (Shy).  Like honest, I write them simply because that is who I am.  I love writing them and indeed I feel good knowing people are liking them. 

2:47:15 PM    rnxzana: waaa
 12:47:25 PM    rnxzana: hehehe.. i mmg baca ur blog everyday..
 12:47:30 PM    haanii_ali: 🙂
 12:47:32 PM    haanii_ali: tenkius
 12:47:34 PM    rnxzana: x baca x bole wei.. its a must
 12:47:38 PM    rnxzana: hehehe.. welcome..
 12:47:55 PM    haanii_ali: nanti saya update lagi ek
 12:47:56 PM    haanii_ali: hehe
 12:48:34 PM    rnxzana: but sori la.. not all i can give comment
 12:48:49 PM    rnxzana: sumtimes i jus smile when reading ur tots or topic discussed
 12:48:52 PM    haanii_ali: hey its okay
 12:48:53 PM    rnxzana: ur poems are superb
 12:49:02 PM    haanii_ali: i enjoyed writing knowing u guys come and read 🙂
 12:49:06 PM    haanii_ali: thank you sis
 12:49:09 PM    rnxzana: wish i could write like dat..
 12:49:12 PM    haanii_ali: you are my reason to write more eh

So especially for her, enjoy this one. 🙂

When I am feeling blue
All alone and dont have a clue
There is you, my friend so true
Cuddled me safe, warm and close
So my world again going purple 🙂

Those times indeed very long ago
We had our orange, red and Indigo
We joked and laughed and we even tango
Memories stay in my heart, I will never let go

A thousand miles away from home
In a foreign land, we had only each other
Many  blunders together we encounter
Cherish is all we do, regret once we never

A friend in need is a friend indeed
We dont see each often but we’re never far
We speak the truth, even it soured and hurt
In our heart, we know we stay forever ! 🙂

Hani @ 170708

6 Replies to “When Im Blue”

  1. Ha Dear – d president s usual nampak n sounds garang but, hehehe.. she’s a Capri …dalam tangan i jer 2.. zap zap zassss..

    Aiks.. dun tell me u dunno my commercial glamourous name Ms. President ooi..

    Thanks Ha for the sweet thing u wrote above and the always lovely poem of urs. It’s true indeed –
    “We dont see each often but we’re never far
    In our heart, we know we stay forever”
    Thanks to all my dearest “Celakas” frenz for the concerns, the love and the frenship. Will always b the dearest ever in my heart.


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