Lets B****

Hey guys.

Ever since I left Berita Harian, I only read newspapers online. I dont buy them anymore. (Not that I used to buy-pun before actually, since employees got it for free 😀 oops ).

Im not much into politics but being in the mediastream like half of my life somehow has shaped me into it automatically. So last night, both me and better half were glued to the TV watching this Anwar Ibrahim Vs Shabery Chik debate thing.

And I only have one sentence for it – I just can’t stop laughing!.

Lets just wait for what our local papers and their ‘liputan meluas’ on this issue. I tell you, we are going to be pecah perut ketawa.  Badut in the making.

Some people, afterall like to play dumb. Period.

3 Replies to “Lets B****”

  1. yup i agree with u kakak..wht a joke eh yesterday nite..anwar speech is ok (he talk with facts) yg kelakar side kjn…he is not answering the question given..x leh nk mjwap sgt pun soalan dpd anwar tu???iza rasa on papers 4 sure semua favor n pro kjn lah!!


  2. hehehe.. ppl dah semakin bijak Ha.. and yes.. i was laughing all the way – dah la.. x menjawab soklan, tolong laaa.. please letakkan a box tissue or a bottle of mineral water at the rostrum area for -you know who-.. hahahaha


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