Lets B**** (the sequal)


My BH friend just called. As many have reckoned, DSAI has been arrested. For what reason? only God knows.

I recalled my personal meeting with YAB DSAI years ago at Dato’ ANAZ house.  This guy at his age, has this X-tingy thing that draws people to him.  I did.  My guess he must have feared many people.

For whatever thing that he may does and does not, I dont really care for only Allah holds the truth but wish him all the luck that he needs in this world.

And now upon hearing loads about him and he is now being arrested-again, like I said, call me whatever, but I give up being a Malaysian.

My worry is only for my children.

2 Replies to “Lets B**** (the sequal)”

  1. as 4 me kak..politic is like a big sinema where u can watch movies n drama..ppl in it all r best actor/actress..abt DSAI case..dont bother to follow lah..it’s a waste of time…even ppl now also knows that!!!trust me later on he’ll be release again..and at the end same like wht had happen to him few years back…kelakar eh politic m’sia ni..semua nk glamer jer..


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