My Razin Turns 3

He is my apple that tastes strawberry
He is my happiness, at times goes awry
Now that you turns three, I pray
May Allah watch over you till eternity

Dad was away outstation, kak long was away at school, and it was rather a private and ‘quiet’ birthday do for my youngest that turned 3 years on Saturday, 12 July 2008.

We had our moments tho. His dad called as early as 7 am to wish his son happy besday. We all do. We sang him happy birthday song as he got up from his sleep only to his cry. He he. To his horror, that bangun tidor je, his mom (me-lah 😀 ), Abang Ngah, Kak Sarah and Kak Syaza were almost shouting singing away his birthday song…

We love you great, greatly. Looking at you today, cant really express how I felt for you. Ibu doakan Razin will be blessed with so much of love and happiness. May Allah grants you His blessing to be a good Insan.

Eventually, 4 years ago also on 12th July, another lovely boy arrived on the same date as Razin’s. No other then Adib Zafran. 🙂 Adib is the second son for one of my favourite anak sedara, Ira.

Happy Happy Birthday Adib. Ibu loves you and hope you had a great time.

We went to celebrate his birthday on Saturday, and look who also ‘menyibuk’ potong another birthday cake. Ha ha ha. Apa apa lah boys… janji korang happy.

Much later at home, my birthday boy with his ‘one’ of the many birthday presents. I love you darling. More then anything at all in this life.

Hope you had a great time.  Lets wait for Ayah to come back and claim another present kay, or may be another birthday do, bbq may be? 😀 hmmm….

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