Why Did I Get Married

Oh no. Friday again.

For starters, I feel like introducing this newbie in blogging (I think-lah).  This person appears as Silentladyk here at my blog. Correct me if Im wrong, but she has just started her hands on at blogging with learningbaby.wordpress.com  Read up guys. Not too bad really. I liked her style of writing and enjoyed reading her first few posts.  Welcome aboard friend 🙂 and thank you for the link. It is indeed my honour and kudos.

Next, I want to share with you guys this one DVD that was handed over by my darling Sherry few days back. I watched it like twice already since. The DVD, Why Did I Get Married.  Yup, agreed – what a title huh… but, let me just explain a bit about this one kay.

My thumbs up for this movie, I strongly recommend.  For some reason, I think this piece did not reach our cinemas but according to Sherry, there was a huge coverage for this movie in Oprah’s. Now that should ring the bell rite.

So anyway, this movie is kinda heavy for me, can be bit slow to some.  A very honest movie, brilliant piece.  Why I said honest?.  Well this movie is about all of us. Watching this movie is like having people telling you what our life is all about in a movie kinda-thing. Being married of course.

Ultimately, there are lessons behind this movie. Love does make us do crazy things after all. We all mess up, some worse then others but if it takes this movie here to make us to see things clearer and clearly and may be from a different perspective it is, so lets be it- lah.

Afterall, don’t we all want to be happily married ever after, till end of time it is?

Honest though, I dont really know how to re-cap this movie. But you should watch it. It is about us. I asked my friend where did she got this piece, and she was like kedai DVD lah ! 🙂

So, hit the store and get a copy. Its worth it. Trust me. In the meantime, I found this beautiful clip/song for the movie. Oh btw, the singer, Janet Jackson, happens to lead this Why Did I Get Married. Enjoy guys and have a lovely weekend ahead. Muahs…

4 Replies to “Why Did I Get Married”

  1. betul per.. kedai dvd. where else? klinik perancang keluarga??? hahaha anyway babe.. just keep that piece. i’ll find myself another copy.. no problem 😉


  2. aw, thanks for helping me get readers! I really appreciate it. I like writing and having readers helps me write. It gives me motivation. Thanks!
    I haven’t heard that movie “Why did I get Married,” but I will look! Sounds very interesting.


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