Crazy me

I dont even know how to begin writing this. Perhaps if I cut short the story, then may be I would be able to come up with something.

But I caught my eldest son lying yesterday. Big time. Huge lie. Tremendous sin.

We were in the car and I asked him to get out of my car. At that very moment, honest I did not know what was going on inside my head. All I remembered was that I was angry and I asked him to leave my car and I drove off almost immediately.

I rang my better half soon after and told him what just happened. I must have done something terribly wrong that he was almost begging in between his tears that I turned back and find my son. He cautioned me of the wooooooorrrrrrrrrstttttttt that could have happened leaving my son at the roadside like more then 15 km from home!!

I parked my car and sat there for like 10 minutes thinking what have I done and how to remedy the situation.

I turned, went looking for him but failed. My clock showed 6 pm and by 7 pm, I still could not locate him.

I made few calls, seek some help.  And I found him like half an hour later.

I have not spoken to my son till this very moment. And I am still angry and dissapointed.

My better half promised that he will handle this matter this time round and that is exactly what I am going to do.

This is the father and son kinda thing. I rest my case.

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