Bottle to go

My boy is going to turn 3 this saturday.

I met him on my way out to work today and he was ignoring me as he was hooked to his milk bottle. The bottle was empty and he was just merely biting it.

He gave me that dissapoint-angry sort-of look as I pulled the empty bottle from his mouth. I told him that deal with the fact that come Saturday as you are turning 3, I am going to throw away all your bottles. Told him its about time you take your milk from glass. You are a big boy now.

And I ended up arguing with his ‘other’ mother a.k.a bibik.

She is in total disagreement, claiming that he is still small and will find it hard to put him to his sleep. Oh okay, so she is analysing this matter now for me?.

So what I did this morning, I walked back in into my  kitchen, I simply took one of his ‘series’ of bottles and I threw it into the dustbin! Right in front of my son blank-empty look and his bibik widened eyes and I walked away to my car.

From a distance, I heard my boy started his usual cry with no tears thing.

I lowered my car window and told him with this huge grin at my face, “I am still your mother you know, and I looooooove you”.


🙂 I left for work. 

I am sorry hun but mark my word manja, another one bottle will go into that same dustbin in another day or two 😀

4 Replies to “Bottle to go”

  1. Hi, I have a baby, he’s going to be seven months soon. He rarely takes the bottle, he prefers the breast, and if I’m giving him water he wants me to give him in a cup. It’s weird. I try to give him the water in the bottle, and he doesn’t really suck on it, he mostly bites it (he’s been teething), but when I give him from the cup he tries to suck on it. Haha, it’s kind of cute. and of course it always spills but he manages to drink. I can hear he takes big gulps. =) I can’t wait till my little one is one and two years old. What i could wait for is those teenage years. I don’t want them to come, but i have at least 13 years for that still.


  2. Hello there 🙂
    Babies are the most brilliant among us
    Your lovely story brings me to my Damia Qaisarah
    She is 2 this year
    Fully breastfed by her mom
    And only takes formula milk from cup
    From her young months
    And she is today
    A bubbly hugly brilliant girl!
    Good luck with yours, he is indeed the adorable one


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