I Am One Year Old

July 20th to be exact will mark my one year into blogging.  Oh really, you may have cited. Imagine me then eh 😀 !! Im like OMGGGGG!! (hah cam gitu lah). Ahaks.

I was driving to work this morning and was like thinking of what do I want to do for the day, then it struck me. God, one year really? its like 365 days that I have been doing this. Wow. Clap, clap clap to myself. And hopefully, I am hitting my 22,000 readership soon. Quite an achievement huh.

So, what is after this. I am seriously, seriously, seriously thinking to write a short novel.  Giggle as much guys but I have done it before when I was in my secondary school. I remembered writing one lovey lovey cerita cintan in my exercise book! Hey it got like 120 pages okay…

Sadly tho, 😦 my novel then (ahaks) was such a hit, orang tuh pinjam, orang nih pinjam… missing it is…. *sighed*.

So anyway, I want to do this. Like now it has been a year. I am pretty sure, ada la tuh sape sape yg sesat and landed here at Somethin’ Light and will probably find my novel is interesting after all. No doubt that I must admit, blogging sort of connect me to a whole bunch of lovely new friends.  so guys wadya think? Shall we do this?

My plan is, I shall write in episodes. Create a link or something. Hmm… I will do this, I know I can and I will. Like I said in my very first posting here at Somethin’ Light, I have always been into writing. Truth, I am a writer by heart.

So guys, do be on the lookout okay … 🙂 love ya.. Your comments and reviews have always made my day really. This blogging thing kinda fill up lot of my time as well and I love it.

Oh so, happy birthday Somethin’ Light !!  It has been quite a year huh.

4 Replies to “I Am One Year Old”

  1. Dearie k.lang,
    Me due on 29 Jul but i dah tak larat dah nie!!! BUUUTTTT if gi shopping ligat lak! hahahaha……
    Alhamdulillah, both me & bb are fine..bb very active moving inside tak kira masa & now me jalan pon takleh kepit agi!!


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