Hancock – My Review

This movie was released in Malaysian cinemas on 3 July. I watched this one Midnite Saturday, 5th July.

Most cinemas are fully booked by phone and net (as expected). We tried our luck walking in and managed to get the tickets for the second row from front! But Hancock punya pasal, redah jer la 😀 Further more, my girl, Miza was back from hostel and insisted to watch.

Results, not too bad. Watchable. Nasib citer hollywood, so the stunts were amazing. But like personally, I think it is mainly because of ‘the’ x-factor – Will Smith.  Get some one else doing Hancock, hancur rasanya this movie. Hehe.. But like honest, Hancock is Will Smith and vice versa. If its Brad Pitt or Matt Damon, tuttttttttttttt. Failed.

But anyway, this movie is again can only be watched once (for me-lah). Period.

Nothing super duper attraction that will drag me again the second time. One of the reasons why, I think because there are just too many of super hero movies kinda-thing that are available. This one is one of them, only being done differently, thats all.

Predictable kinda movie with sad ending. God I hate sad endings. Probably this is why this movie again did not exceed my expectation ;P

Okay guys, go and and watch.  Like i said watcheable, but dont expect too much kay.

As for bintang, Hancock had my 3 * * *. That s all.


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