So HE said

There is this very interesting thing about men, really.

Over nescafe this morning with my male colleague , we shared something pretty amusing. One of the thing that he said seriously disturbed me.

He said, “how good men at lying and pretending and how stupid can a woman be, while knowing, still believing in him”.  Hmmm. Interesting to ponder.

Betul lah what our orang orang tua said, perempuan is like kerak nasi, (hope you know what is kerak nasi), keras manapun kerak nasi, di rendam akan pasti lembut juga.  Brilliant and true.

Thing is, what happened. In our brain as perempuan. Must admit, every other time, when I had the similar issue or a friend came for advice on the very same matter, I would usually said something like, “percayalah apa menda sekali pun dalam dunia ni, even the most impossible, but not men- lah!!.  I tell you, they go to school and learn how to be good at lying !!

Yet, we sssssssssstilllllllll believe also. Aiyo…… I rest my case lah tell you. Banyak penat wo… No wonder lah Allah said, men got 99 akal and we only had 1????

Another case of stupidity or what.

😀 renung-renungkan lah. Ahaks.


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