My “Wanted” and “Sepi”

Hey guys.

These are the two mega movies that I watched recently – Sepi the movie and Wanted. Just to share with my gentle readers here, my reviews as follows.

Personal Review  –  Too much sadness lah this movie tell you. Sad, sad and sad. But some sadness is indeed hard to deal with but this is what life is all about. I dont really watch malay movie and I know my kekawan while reading this – having a good laugh huh at me 😀 but guys, its okay la to watch this one ! Trust me??

Call me jiwang or whatever but the love quotes in this movies is simply amazing 🙂 Love it, love it.

For  Afdlin Shauki’s die-hard fan out there, he is at usual self in this movie. He looked so comfortable doing the watak ‘Adam’ and thank god for him, this movie is only better. No doubt, I personally cannot deny the fact that, once a malay movie, forever will be a malay movie.

I won’t go for the second time however, but if you like – dont know what else to do at home and to wait for this movie to apprear in Astro would probably take another year (erks), grab your bag and watch. Serious.

My personal rating  : * * *   

Okay, now the other movie, is the much-awaited-but(fail-for me-lah!) movie,  Wanted  starring the (sexy ke??) kurus kering Angelina Jolie. Ahaks 😀

Personal Review   –  hmmmm… where do I begin… To start with, it did not exceed my expectation.

Action packed-true
Lots of fight fight and tembak tembak – true
Superb stunt – true
Great casts – true
First class cinematography (betul ke nih) – true
bla bla bla – true 😀

To join the crowd and watch this one, okay fine boleh lah. Lets appreciate the making of the movie ! Berbaloi la the millions that they spent! As for Angelina Jolie is concerned, she is no extra-ordinaire in this movie. Typical her. For a moment, kadang I felt like Im watching the re run for Mr & Mrs Smith !

But personally, this movie is more to Indah Khabar Dari Rupa. The ending part is bit potong stim to me. Wish it is done better. Okay guys, go and watch and come back and share note with me okay.

Personal rating : * * 1/2



7 Replies to “My “Wanted” and “Sepi””

  1. Well.. indeed true – WANTED is for viewing pleasure only. Noting yg extraordinare. I x sempat watch SEPI lagi my dear as i heard ramai yg kata movie ni nice. Hope u able to watch AYAT AYAT CINTA (indo movie) pulak pas nih


  2. wuld luv 2 teman u. Y not kan..kita bawak sherry.. hehehe.. to watch that Indon Movie. Tot of watching it this Saturday, wat say u?


  3. Errr.. aku dah tertengok lah.. ngan Rynn. Gara2 kesian kat dia kena tunggu her fren till 8.. we end up watching that movie. Oklah citer.. lain dari yang lain sebab ada unta hehehehe


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