Syaza Irdina is five today

The date was 31 July 2003. The time was 7.40 pm. It was the longest trip from home to the hospital, I remembered as she was anxiously wanting to come out. She was the easiest delivery that I had, I must say.

And today, 31 July 2008, we celebrated with much syukur and joy for her now that she is turning five years old. She grows up so fast, as if it was only yesterday, we received her.

To Syaza, who insisted to celebrate her birthday today at her school, Little Caliph, now that she is into tadika and all, Ibu, ayah, your bros, kak long, Sarah wish you Happy Birthday. We love you so greatly and hope you had a good time in school today. 

To ‘you know who’ , thank you for the lovely cake eh. Syaza loves it ūüôā

Like I whispered to you this morning,

Jadilah anak yang solehah
Jadilah anak yang mendengar kata
Mudahan kamu menjadi anak yang bijak
Anak yang paling indah any parents could have
Ibu sayanggggggg Syaza ūüôā

Title : Little Girl

Felt sharing this.

You heard of this “kemana tumpahnya kuah, if not ke nasi” rite?

Well now, my kuah has tumpah to my nasi indeed¬†ūüôā hehe.

I have posted long time ago, in one of my ancient posts about my eldest, Miza being artistic and designing cards on her own and stuff.

As addition to it, she is also very good at languages. That I noticed is definitely from me-lah. So anyway, she quite recently won the first prize for Pertandingan Mengarang Sajak at her school for age 15 and below.  Here is the winning poem for us all to enjoy. Beautiful piece. I am so proud of her and wish her all the best to be better at it and I know she will.

Thats my girl huh.  I thank Allah Al-Mighty everyday for her.

In her words as per an email she sent me over the weekend.

My Winning Poem
Dear Ibu,
Title:Little Girl

once upon a time
there was a little girl
who likes to collect dimes
and do ballerina twirls
they say she’s so cute
they say she’s so divine
she plays her blue flute
and like to swing on vines

she always obey her parents
they say they love her so
she always play with friends
who likes to shape play dough

And I know you kept wondering
who is this daring little girl
she is my little sibling
who will rock your boring world

bye ibu love you
Love,Miza Syakirah

Told ya, beautiful piece… I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.

Akulah Rindu Itu

Telah hilang waktu itu
Tika jemariku engkau hitung satu persatu
Tika lenaku diulit lalluby-mu
Tika jagaku langsung menyapa wajahmu
Tika aku adalah cintamu
Tika aku adalah jiwamu
Tika aku adalah semua itu

Telah berlalu waktu itu
Tika bual kita hanya tentang cinta
Tentang harapan, tentang duka
Tentang aku, kamu dan dia

Akulah yang kini menangis
Akulah yang nyata tewas
Kerana rindu itu kini milikku
Tidak terhela sesak nafasku
Pada detik yang kian berlalu
Pada alunan kian membisu

Tiada lagi senyuman itu yang menyapaku
Dikala aku tiba hanya untuk bersamamu
Tiada lagi doa keramatmu menasihatikku
Di kala aku pelukmu, alpa dan buntu
Aku menangis

Akukah yang mampu
Melalui semuanya ini tanpamu?

Aku selamanya memohon padamu Tuhan
Jika aku bisa mengulang kesempatan
Hanya untuk bersamamu dan bertahan

Kini aku pasrah dan menyerah
Agar duka ini akan lekas melangkah
Mengintai hari yang mungkinkah cerah
Mampukah aku rungkai rindu yang menerjah
Di kala aku hilang punca dan arah?

Hani@July28th 2008


My dearest friend’s beloved mum, Allahyarham Prof. Jamaliah has passed away peacefully yesterday at about 9.45 am.¬† She was hospitalized in Hospital Melaka for a severe heart attack few days earlier.¬†A lot of things in life works in a very strange way and even no amount of word anyone could offer in this kinda¬† situation to comfort, hence I¬†hope that¬†him and family been given the strength and fortitude in this trying time.

God Almighty, in all His wisdom, had put you and family to a test that far exceeded the ones you had ever encountered before. My doa for all of you.

Al-fatihah. Mudahan rohnya bersama para solihin di Syurga Firdausi.

Another Year

You would kill me for scribble this
As you almost super hate birthdays
You’d say, It will remind you in some ways
Of how old has you been doing this

As I love remembering it
What more to celebrate
As your birthday, it will collaborate
Of how long we been blessed todate

As we all blew your candles today
Lets just abondon all worry away
Instead let us in a family pray
For your ultimate happiness getaway

As it is another birthday of aptitute
May Allah give you the strength and fortitude
To shoulder your bargains and our attitude
As for us is your greatest treasure ūüėÄ

My love for you is endless
Through your laughs and sickness
With our hopes that has no border
I am in love, thereon I whisper
To this one great man, I most adore
Its your birthday today, lets go hi wire !

ūüôā With no further due, guess you know who’s birthday it is eh.

Go ahead and have a wonderful day darling.

Saya beli Ler Ler

Been away and back now.

Obviously I missed my one year blogging on 20 July.¬† They’d say, better late then never. So, happy birthday Somethin’ Light. One year it has been and counting.

I got this one funny story to share. I was with my kids waiting for school van for school this morning. Half awake at 6.30 am,¬†from a corner, I¬†watched Sarah, Syaza and Razin playing this, ‘papa, mama and anak thing’. Obviously, Sarah is the mama, Razin is the Papa and Syaza is the anak-lah.

So, here it is in their own words.

Sarah    :   Papa (Razin), nah ambik duit nih. Simpan elok-elok tau. Nanti beli makanan untuk anak (syaza). Saya nak pergi kerja (haha).

Syaza   :   Nanti Papa beli makanan okay.

Sarah    :   Papa nak beli apa hari nih.

Razin¬†¬† :¬†¬†¬† Ler ler…¬†(muka selamba)

God I laughed my heart out. Loudly. Cannot tahan really. 

Razin is the orignal one. He is only 3 years. Even he is ‘Papa’ in that ‘main-main game’,¬† gave him fake money and asked what he wanted to buy? – of courselah gula-gula! ūüėÄ hahahahahahahaha. But Im pretty sure, Mama Sarah was expecting Papa Razin to say something like probably, nasi goreng or something.¬† kihkihkih. Wrong life partner la sayang.

(Ler ler is btw gula-gula) ;p

Sarah got fed up, grabbed the money from Razin’s hand and left for school. Poor girl.¬† hehehe

Epal Cincau Satu !

I am going to leave you with this 3 interesting personal stories for the weekend.

Rejab and Syaaban usually are the two common months for us female to fast. You know who you are and what I mean.

And I am no exceptional. So, this is what happened during our buka puasa yesterday. Hamba Allah ini, saya namakan dia  X, orderlah air minuman.

“Epal Hijau please”.¬† And guess what arrived, “Epal Cincau”. ūüėÄ hehe. Shian.. (Tak pernah seumur hidup Hani minum air epal cincau, have you? ¬†ūüėÄ ).

Then, done with buka puasa, we decided to ronda ronda and makan durian. Ahaks. (Im still smiling while writing this, hehe).

Again you know who you are, and there we were by the road side, with our office attire and all, as for me, with my boot and all, bersila by the road side eating durian like nobody business.  Durian was nice and we were like so kenyang and feel like nak termun***.

Then awhile ago, my GM Strategic Marketing was sharing this joke with me in the pantry that I feel like sharing. The joke goes like this,

There is this mom. Pregnant with twin. She was so happy with the news after like so many years trying. While the twin were in her stomach, the mom would usually tell the unborn twin to be polite with each other since both of you are twin, lot of sharing to come, she said.

7 months passed.
8 months passed. Come 9 months, also passed.
10 months passed. Hmmm.. she began to worry obviously. Why the babies are still not out, she asked.

Then both she and the gynae decided to cut open the stomach and see what is going on inside.

ūüėÄ hehe. The twins were actually being polite with one another and were undecided who should come out first from their mommy’s tummy. They¬†were like, “after you, after you” in there.

Dont get it? Well, the mom always tell the twins to be polite and nice-kan. So in gesture to be polite, since they are twin afterall, both of them been¬†trying to be polite and said to each other, after you,after you¬†please… to come out from the mommy’s stomach !

Hmmmm okay, you are not laughing eh…. but I did.¬† Have a lovely weekend people and happy resting ya.

When Im Blue

Today I feel like writing about this friend of mine who I love so dearly. She is Zana to many and Sis Zana to me.

We have known each other from 1988 to be exact. 20 years of friendship it is this year. She is a friend that turns family.

Me and her have come a long way back then. We shared many many memories together. Some are indeed very grand. I love all of them and refused to forget none. Nothing is trivial when it comes to friendship afterall huh.

We¬†used to hang out and lepak lepak¬†over coffee before but now that her workplace has moved to Nilai, it is a bit haru-biru to meet. Hence, this morning she ‘invisibly’ appeared over my YM chatting. I miss you sis, greatly. We are lepaking tomorrow, if you want to join us? Wat say you.

What I wanted to story here is this actually. She is one of my many fan for my poem. (Shy).  Like honest, I write them simply because that is who I am.  I love writing them and indeed I feel good knowing people are liking them. 

2:47:15 PM    rnxzana: waaa
 12:47:25 PM    rnxzana: hehehe.. i mmg baca ur blog everyday..
¬†12:47:30 PM¬†¬†¬† haanii_ali: ūüôā
 12:47:32 PM    haanii_ali: tenkius
 12:47:34 PM    rnxzana: x baca x bole wei.. its a must
 12:47:38 PM    rnxzana: hehehe.. welcome..
 12:47:55 PM    haanii_ali: nanti saya update lagi ek
 12:47:56 PM    haanii_ali: hehe
 12:48:34 PM    rnxzana: but sori la.. not all i can give comment
 12:48:49 PM    rnxzana: sumtimes i jus smile when reading ur tots or topic discussed
 12:48:52 PM    haanii_ali: hey its okay
 12:48:53 PM    rnxzana: ur poems are superb
¬†12:49:02 PM¬†¬†¬† haanii_ali: i enjoyed writing knowing u guys come and read ūüôā
 12:49:06 PM    haanii_ali: thank you sis
 12:49:09 PM    rnxzana: wish i could write like dat..
 12:49:12 PM    haanii_ali: you are my reason to write more eh

So especially for her, enjoy this one. ūüôā

When I am feeling blue
All alone and dont have a clue
There is you, my friend so true
Cuddled me safe, warm and close
So my world again¬†going purple ūüôā

Those times indeed very long ago
We had our orange, red and Indigo
We joked and laughed and we even tango
Memories stay in my heart, I will never let go

A thousand miles away from home
In a foreign land, we had only each other
Many  blunders together we encounter
Cherish is all we do, regret once we never

A friend in need is a friend indeed
We dont see each often¬†but we’re never far
We speak the truth, even it soured and hurt
In our heart, we know we stay forever ! ūüôā

Hani @ 170708