Some news huh….

It has been almost a year now that I m doing this blogging kinda thing. Time flies as usual.

And I must admit, being away from ‘this’ is like something tak kena. There is so much thing to write rasanya.

So anyway, im back. Was away yesterday for a day field trip to JB. Wet day it was yesterday but I m home safe.

Just an update. Miza called me yesterday. She has so much to tell and sounded very happy on the other line. She said these in her own words,

Miza    –   “Ibu, your dream in me has come true”
Me       –  “huh, which one, got so many dreams ma… “

We laughed.

Miza     –  “You always wanted to do debate rite last time when you were in school?”

(hmmm… perhaps I told her too much 😀 )

Me        – “Yeah?”
Miza     –  “Well I am in Bu!!, I am doing it for you, I have been selected to represent my school for debate!”.

We shared a wonderful conversation yesterday…

My heart sank. Thats my gurl. And yup, you made my dreams come true afterall darling. Life could not be better then this. Alhamdulillah. I thanked Allah everyday for her and for what I have.


3 Replies to “Some news huh….”

  1. WOW! What can I say…? You’ve got one smart daughter there… Representing her school for debating…? Dah besar, ader chance jadik lawyer tau… ikut siaper agaknyer… Ibu dia ker ayah dia…? haehahe…


  2. 😀 yang bab bab tertekak tuh ikut mak dia ler tuh. Ahaks. Long time no hear from you and i seemed not to be able to drop in your blog anymore. Whats up with you anyway, while hoping things are good.


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