PD Outing

It was a lovely, cold and almost wet Saturday @ 21 June 2008. We hit the road early in the morning so we can be in the sea while the water is still calm and breezy, least that i wanted was to get burnt in the mid-day sun.

Mission accomplished. We reached PD rather early and in no time at all my lil kiddos were already there jumping and laughing enjoying the sea. They had a good time. Me too 🙂 . Tenkius for the trip ya guys.

Some photos for me to cherish and share.

One Reply to “PD Outing”

  1. Glad to hear that all of u were having a great time 😀 My heart almost skip a beat when I received ur call on saturday morning as I was aware ur other half was not around. I jumped of my bed and instead of answering the phone with hello.. I was like.. Ha??? But when I heard you chirping … fuhhh thank god! It juz another mission for this woman to spend good time with her kids & Nini..hehe


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