My new babies

Jangan amenkan tajuk kat atas tuh wei 😀 ahaks.

Anyway, how modern we are nowadays that we maintained many relationships and friendships mostly through cyber. Strange but true it is.

And as I was surveying sofa the other day and sort-of promised some friends that the moment I made up my mind on it, i will get the gambar posted here so that they can have a peek.

Since susah sangat nowadays for me to berkumpul like before with my girlfriends (big SIGH 😦 ) We used to lepak-lepak and makan at either my place or not Sherry’s or Rynn’s..

So anyway, promise is still a promise rite. Hope you had a good view Sherry darling. Wadya think anyway? 🙂 Nice not……

These items below bukan baru sangat pun. The kopitiam table is like few months old already. Sofa yup quite new and my phone, ahaks – sajer jer tuh… heheh

Here goes ppl,

My New Sofa

My new kopitiam table – worth mentioning DIY by no other but my bro, Nasrul Rizal. Xi Xi ya…

Least but not least, my new Nokia phone. kuang3X

4 Replies to “My new babies”

  1. Lovely pieces… waaa banyaknya menda baru.. durian runtuh eh? I miss the lepak2 moments too.. hope we can make it again real soon eh? Since ehem.. ehem ko pun dah kurus tuh leh aaa makan2 again ahaks


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