Class of 1987 – Sekolah Menengah Zainab, Kota Bharu

The school is Sekolah Menengah Zainab, Jalan Telipot, Kota Bahru, Kelantan.

The year, SPM 1987, Class of 5 Science 1.

I am praying hard and silently in my heart, my classmates would browse the net and locate my page here.

Keep in touch friends. Email me at or add me at YM haanii_ali. 

Schooling time is indeed the best huh… where is me in that photo?  Sure you can find one… ahaks 😀

11 Replies to “Class of 1987 – Sekolah Menengah Zainab, Kota Bharu”

  1. Dear Mc Ha, I saw the pic while browsing the net…After a hectic day…me well still alive and kicking…hope to have a reunion…but when, where and enough gang or not? Till then, keep in touch…miss u


  2. Should I give my number in this blog…I will be famous then…by the way, you send an e mail to me, I will give all my contacts…Khoja is working in the same place as mine, different dept. Others…shikim, lecturer in Teacher’s college, PC., Nooraini…a pakar doc in Hospital Kota Bharu, other than that…lost contact…


  3. Assalamualaikum w.b.r..Hello friends..I was in 5 Sc 2….He3x..still can recognize and remember most faces in the photos especially some names mentioned like Khoja ( need to contact her) always read her articles..shikim..(used to be in Malacca before..) and lastly please pray for our friend Tg Noorbanee , she’s undergoing Bone Marrow Transplant in singapore since October….


  4. I just perasan that pic., u still recognised the girl next to u x? Her name is rozana n she is my sedare… ada contact dgn die ker, if x silap dia stay kat sg. buluh…


  5. I have a friend called Nooraini Ali, from Kota Bharu, we were great friends but have now lost contact, her address was No 33 Lot 806 kg huntan Banggol 15300 Kota Bharu….if any one can help me find her I will be forever in your favour,

    Many thanks



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