P Ramlee The Musical

Read and heard so much about it. Good ones. I decided to join the crowd and enjoy the show!

I watched the final show last night and its worth it. Dont really know how to put it into words, but if you are some theatre lover, this one is not to be missed and was brought back to Istana Budaya by popular demand. An outstanding fantastic performances by its casts, especially of course the P Ramlee himself played beautifully by this young chap, Musley Ramlee. But personally however, I love the watak ‘Norizan’, by the award winning Mellisa Saila! Bravo ! 😀

Here are some of us.

🙂 what a nite..

4 Replies to “P Ramlee The Musical”

  1. Yes my dear. M totaly agreed with you. The show to me was AWESOME. I watched it early of this month and managed to be seated in the front row and i was totally stunned, speechless and in deep concentration. (hehehe.. not the very usual of me to become like dat). Tot of watching sumethin’ like dis togeder2 with our grup one fine day eh!


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