Happy Ayah’s Day :)

Gosh I must be the bad one huh…

My better half rang and woke me up from my beauty sleep this morning and said, “hmmm tak ada orang ingat nampaknya hari ni hari apa…”

I was like… ooookay….., today is Sunday and… oh oh…. OH…..OH.. oopssss!

I jumped from the bed, in seconds I had composed myself and carefully with a fakingly controlled voice, I said , “of course we remember-lah sayang, but the kids still sleeping, we wanted to call you later and wish you – Happy Father’s Day !…”

Then I telan air liur… will he buy it, my heart did sink for a moment tho…? 😀

Then bla bla.. we spoke about other stuff.

I told him also that,

We dont need a day to measure you
We dont need any celebration to be reminded of you
We could never find the right words to describe you
Sincerely, in our heart
You are the best dad in the world !!
We never want other than you
Kids do not want no father but you
We are so amazingly loving you!!! , … ‘the’ you..

And I know for sure, in their tiny hearts, they say
It takes any man to be a father, ayah…

But it takes an extra ordinary man to be a dad…

(We however do hope you ‘jumpa’ the present that we selit inside your luggage bag  🙂 ) . Just a small gift from me and kids sealed with the humangest love that spreads accross the Lautan Borneo (My betterhalf is in Sarawak today).

We prayed that wherever you are right now, our love touches you – all the way from Kuala Lumpur it is !).

Hurry home sayang… 🙂

2 Replies to “Happy Ayah’s Day :)”

  1. Hehe, did he bought the “quick” verses? :p

    Anyways, there is some typo (I assume) and grammatical errors in that quick verse. Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like a high school teacher or anything, just a habit 🙂

    Still, its final two lines are nice, I love it,

    “It takes any man to be a father
    But it takes an extra ordinary man to be a dad…

    Wonder if I could be one :p A long journey till the time come 😀


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