Nini’s Birthday is TODAY

Date, 3 June 19** 😀

This young lady here is my second sister’s daughter a.k.a my anak sedara la nih.

She proves (to me at least and hopefully her la kot).. that life is indeed spins like a wheel. Why?

Well…. when she was born, over twenty years ago (ehem ehem) today, I was 17. Then, I stayed with my sister for some reasons and I helped my sister to look after her. I dont really remember how was it then, but I remembered cuddling her (sometimes macam terpaksa, sebab takut kena marah.. ha ha ha). I spent hours and hours just to tengok and jaga her….

And today, she is one brilliant girl furthering her degree studies in UTM, Skudai. She is in her semester break now and as usual, she sometimes end up at my place just to lepak.

And guess what, she now is like my bibik 😀

She looked after my juniors now.  Told  ya… hidup nih pusing pusing, balik ke situ gak… strange but true.

Since she is with us right us, we plan to take her out for a dinner and some singing singing to some blowing candles later in the day.

To Nini a.k.a Kak Ning (to my juniors) – have a wonderful day. Go ahead and feel good about today. Another year wiser it is eh. Worry not on getting older, there is NEVER youth in age.

Allah will watch over you. Amen. oh… We love you, I love you. Thank you for everything… what would I do without you huh… 🙂

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