Oh Charlie !

Friday mark another busy weekend ahead. *sighed*.

I am rather occupied today with stuff, so to leave my gentle readers for the weekend, enjoy this ‘cute’ video clip. This is one of my fav of all time!

Take care people and have a lovely weekend ahead.

We missed you already…

😦 Much to say, clueless where to begin… but this one keep on coming to mind – we missed you already. So muccccccccccchhhhhhh 😦

Thank you, you are the best‘test’  niece in the entire universe and I do not want to ask for more 😦

Some news huh….

It has been almost a year now that I m doing this blogging kinda thing. Time flies as usual.

And I must admit, being away from ‘this’ is like something tak kena. There is so much thing to write rasanya.

So anyway, im back. Was away yesterday for a day field trip to JB. Wet day it was yesterday but I m home safe.

Just an update. Miza called me yesterday. She has so much to tell and sounded very happy on the other line. She said these in her own words,

Miza    –   “Ibu, your dream in me has come true”
Me       –  “huh, which one, got so many dreams ma… “

We laughed.

Miza     –  “You always wanted to do debate rite last time when you were in school?”

(hmmm… perhaps I told her too much 😀 )

Me        – “Yeah?”
Miza     –  “Well I am in Bu!!, I am doing it for you, I have been selected to represent my school for debate!”.

We shared a wonderful conversation yesterday…

My heart sank. Thats my gurl. And yup, you made my dreams come true afterall darling. Life could not be better then this. Alhamdulillah. I thanked Allah everyday for her and for what I have.


PD Outing

It was a lovely, cold and almost wet Saturday @ 21 June 2008. We hit the road early in the morning so we can be in the sea while the water is still calm and breezy, least that i wanted was to get burnt in the mid-day sun.

Mission accomplished. We reached PD rather early and in no time at all my lil kiddos were already there jumping and laughing enjoying the sea. They had a good time. Me too 🙂 . Tenkius for the trip ya guys.

Some photos for me to cherish and share.

Movie Review : Made of Honour (u)

I am kicking off this new category here in my blog – movie review.

For starters, Made of Honour. Lovely romantic-lovey-lovey-kinda story. Be on the look out for many amazing love-quotes in this one. Very the sesuwei for those lomantik-cintan-cintan. Ahaks 😀

Wonderful ending. Light watching, no need to crack your head to think of what the movie is all about 🙂

My rating, *** 1/2. Go ahead and watch guys. Worth paying for the ticket.

Simply Lovely

Before I end my friday here today, just want to share this one beautiful quote that I shared with my boss awhile ago while discussing about our baby project, The Ledang Clubhouse that will be lauched pretty soon. It was amazingly beautiful and captured my heart instantly. Feel like sharing it 🙂

The quote goes like this, “For it was not my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul” – Judy Garland.

Have a lovely weekend ahead people 😀 .

My new babies

Jangan amenkan tajuk kat atas tuh wei 😀 ahaks.

Anyway, how modern we are nowadays that we maintained many relationships and friendships mostly through cyber. Strange but true it is.

And as I was surveying sofa the other day and sort-of promised some friends that the moment I made up my mind on it, i will get the gambar posted here so that they can have a peek.

Since susah sangat nowadays for me to berkumpul like before with my girlfriends (big SIGH 😦 ) We used to lepak-lepak and makan at either my place or not Sherry’s or Rynn’s..

So anyway, promise is still a promise rite. Hope you had a good view Sherry darling. Wadya think anyway? 🙂 Nice not……

These items below bukan baru sangat pun. The kopitiam table is like few months old already. Sofa yup quite new and my phone, ahaks – sajer jer tuh… heheh

Here goes ppl,

My New Sofa

My new kopitiam table – worth mentioning DIY by no other but my bro, Nasrul Rizal. Xi Xi ya…

Least but not least, my new Nokia phone. kuang3X