Lets End This

Have us all ever wondered
What in life that we really wanted
We are adamant and epitomed
Everything seems to be inadequate
All seems to be incomplete

Life is short
Life is never easy
Life is tough
Such is life

Hey but what we want?
Shall we all take a break
Let us all be in peace
And lets all just talk
In harmony and embrace
World then, be a better place
To live and to breathe
To pacify and to love

I am tired of all these
Let me just rest in peace
And enjoy my lemonade 😀

Hani @ 250408

Nota kaki – pic by NINI (yang baru belajar menggunakan NIKONnya yg baru. Ahaks 😀 )

3 Replies to “Lets End This”

  1. Nice shot 😀

    About the poem, a simple piece. Light reading 😉

    Choices of words, I love it, simple, made it easy to understand.

    Love this line, “We are adamant and epitomed”. Simple brilliant.

    Keep writing good piece 😀


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