Syaza, ‘The Angel Witch’…

😀 what the…

But yup, true it was. I dressed her up (sort of??) to some Witchy costume (erks) in those so called horror-Harry Porter-Sleeping Beauty kinda thing…

It was her Little Caliph’s sports day on Saturday, 24 May 2008. As a gesture of my support for her tadika, I voluntarily signed Syaza and myself that morning for this game called, “Dressing Up Your Child”.

Honest, at the moment of registering, I thought… oh well, she would love it if I put on some lipstick and bedak and that kinda stuff to her face. hmmmm you know-lah kids kan.

But hell no. I was given newspapers, scissor and loytape instead!! Termenung gak jap.

Ooookkayyy…. I think I can do this. So this was her lah in her angelic witchy attire 😀 like 10 minutes later… Hahahahahaha !  (hey.. I won okay…)

Oh and, thank you keladi leaf to my official photographer for that day, Nini de great…


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