My Baby’s Birthday, belated.

Actually life has been hectic for me this couple of weeks at least with loads happening.

I even missed my baby’s birthday on 21 May.

She was in her school and I was in Sabah then. She called and we spoke briefly over the phone that day. Miza Syakirah @ baby as she is in our family arrived at 10.40 pm on the first day of Hari Raya Qurban in 1994. I remembered being awaken by takbir raya at Subuh that day only to realize there was some blood stains. I knew I was going to have her that day and I never looked back since then and all my hopes are with her, always.

That was fourteen years ago.

Today, my firstborn,  Miza Syakirah  is all grown up young girl. She is going to be taller then me, thats for sure… At 14, she is wearing a shoe size bigger then me!!

Her dad is still away, so the birthday treat is still pending. However, just for the fun of it, this is what happened few days ago. Thanks to her cousin, a.k.a my beloved anak sedara Nini, who came up with this idea while we were having pizza at our very own kitchen.

Happy 14rh Birthday darling.  May Allah shower His blessings upon you with all the happiness, wisdom and stardom in life.

One word that has been with us since the very first day you were in my stomach – LOVE.