Bye For Now, I Shall Be Back

Thanks to my mood swing that yesterday I ended getting some stuff for myself.  Felt better 🙂

Betul la depa cakap, shopping is indeed a good therapy.

I am travelling on Sunday to some bumi di bawah bayu… ahaks 😀 and will be back in KL on Friday. If you happened to land here, pleaase expect zero updates from me. I will surely miss writing some piece here. Not to mention, missing you eh.

Anyway, before this week end, I saw some lovely poem in one of the store yesterday that I felt sharing. It says something like this,

From the first time, I see you
I wanted to meet you
When I met you
I wanted to know you
When I knew you
I wanted to love you
When I loved you
I wanted to spend rest of my life with you


🙂 aaaahhhhh… lovely isnt it.

Have a good weekend ahead people.

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