Hi Wire

I need to detach myself from all these worry, strife, stress and have been feeling quite sad and down these past few days and need to mellow out.  Must be the hormones huh.

… It has been busy few weeks with my sports training…, coming home late and all, therefore like sejuta house chores I simply cant find time to do, My bibik been asking for new penyapu for almost a week now, Syaza has been down with cough and fever for few days already, mothers day celebration that was not properly celebrated due to my tight schedule and all, fact that I am travelling this weekend without my juniors worries me, my eldest in her exams, Sarah and Hazim will follow suit tomorrow with their mid term, my better half is forever busy (what is new *sigh*)  bla bla bla – gosh, how can my small brain and head sustain all those ‘keserabutan’ ???!! in one go inside there.

I fight a lot also nowadays. With who?? Almost everybody Im afraid. Everything people said and do seem to be so wrong to my ears and eyes. What is wrong wei….

Hence, I am in zero mood to work today. Perhaps shopping would help huh. Catch a movie?? hmmm…

As I was feeling so ‘feelingless’ this morning, I stumbled upon this one touchy article in the paper. Lets share  : TAKING LOVED ONES FOR GRANTED BY XANDRIA OII in her Sights & Sounds column in The Star today. And I could not be agreeing with her more, on top of all ‘whatever whoever’ in our life, we tend to do this – like all the time trust me !! We simply forget… full stop.

knock.. knock…. who’s there???  Arghhhhhh…