Mothers…Its Our Day, Our Tribute

I was once a baby
I was a small kid
I was in my teenage years
Blossomly šŸ™‚ as an adult
Then I got married, blessed with five juniors
And today, I am a mother
I never feel this complete

I would like to think my circle of living has made its full round and now I am merely praying and do trying hard and harder each day (believe me) to be at my best at it. Everyday of my life is a new learning day with my kidsĀ and their savour and unsavoury characters. I am however, most happyĀ and honoured with all those learning opportunities that I had when I am around them.

Life is such, I have my complaints but I am sure this is what I want all along – being a mother. The challenges at it, is at noone’s justifications as it varies from one another, but to all beautiful mothers out there –Ā I dont know why they celebrate Mother’s Day at the first place, it will happen on every second Sunday in May so its gonna be this weekend. Some history HEREĀ . But since there is such a lovely day to celebrate, we might as well enjoy ourselves and get spoilt huh !!

I know my kids are ‘thinking’ of doing something for me as my youngest girl keep on accidently ‘mentioning’Ā  and membocorkan few things and agenda. Ha ha ha gotcha guys…

Miza was crying on the phone last night. She feels sad that its Mother’s Day and she cant be with me on this auspicious Sunday. I told her, “worry not baby, everyday is our mother’s day – you and me”.

So thats it, I will have a full day of badminton competitionĀ session tomorrow (erks) and futsal thereon on Sunday. There goes my celebration but hey, thank you kiddos and hubby for the coming celebration that you had in store for me??

To my mom, Allahyarhamah Puan Halijah bt Awang – Mudahan bersama rahmat Allah Al-Mighty dan bersama para solehin, Amen – so much I want to tell you, and I know you are with me all the time šŸ˜¦

To my better half, Miza, Hazim, Sarah, Syaza and my ‘robust’ Razin, I love you more then life it is. Allah bless.


One Reply to “Mothers…Its Our Day, Our Tribute”

  1. Oh yes, Mother’s Day is just 2 days ahead, and I’m still contemplating on what should I get for my mom, my eternal guidance ever since birth.

    OK back to business :p That short stanza, love it. It’s simple, direct, and without a doubt, lovely. I would love to write it on my mom’s card, but, hey, I’m no mother :p


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