Delayed Telecast-Pulai Spring Secretary Conf.

Me and friends were here like a month back.

Bersempena dengan Tema Conference – “LETS GET IN SHAPE”… ahaks..

Therefore *sigh* – these were all I allowed to go tru my stomoch šŸ˜¦

So.. the gulrs could merge in their sendat kebaya for the dinner later that nite themed ‘Kebaya Nite’.. (What the **F&&H%$ )

… and this was my favourite for the nite… the dessert… nice eh. But bit sweet tho.

As usual… the lepak time… much later that nite.

My darlings friends, from left… yours truly, Martina, my JB Pal, Zarina (up there), ujung mengantuks there is Irah (she had beautiful voice woo..),Ā  hidden somewhere ujung there is my lovely Kak Ta and Kak Wie and least but not least, the menantuk friend of mine, Miss Suzan aaa…Ā  šŸ˜€

FUN was the word eh gurls….


3 Replies to “Delayed Telecast-Pulai Spring Secretary Conf.”

  1. wow looks like u ladies had a great time eh *winks* gd on ya kak lang…njoy while u still can rite? šŸ˜‰ anyways jgn marah eh me kalau i was to say – u put on weight lah kak lang…ishh aper u makan eh?? hehe sori…tapi tau takper kan…yg penting happy šŸ™‚


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