What A Nite With…Anuar Zain

Happy Saturday people and yup, heard that one right huh… I was away last night on A Nite With Anuar Zain. Got back late,  and right at this very moment, I cant even lift a hand. So, allow me to just let the photos underneath speak its thousand words…. ;p

Yup, I was there last nite. Kinda last minute thing. (Jangan jeles ek Cik Siti Salwa and of course, my beloved Dee .. 😀 )

Errr…. Anuar Zain’s ‘die hard fans???”… Some new friends that I made my acquaintance with that night. Dato’ Azman’s Secretary of Khazanah Nasional Bhd seated in floral and Kak Yan and Yan of UEM Builder seated next to her and few more (sorry gals, did not quite get your name…)

Me?? Crazy hard fan?? Naaahhh… but this is !! nyum nyum… (But since I was sort of seated next to some Ybhg Dato’ Ghani of Kementerian Wanita… kenalah makan dengan berhemahnya… *sigh*


De Anuar Zain is ere !! come gurls.. snap snap snap.. well must admit tho, he has the voice. Can sing la this guy… and those ladies, I tell ya… go crazy man, Hmm…

 He is okay you know. Superb choices of song and were well-rendered. Congrats Anuar!! ( I used-la to go crazy bit (tak nak ngaku tuh… hehe) for him. ok lah ok lah…


Back home, Anuar Zain’s peminat kecil… 😀

Okay guys, thats about it. I had fun.



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